Teenage Driving Dangerous – Lakeland Florida 16-Year-Old Teen Hits Pedestrian Crossing Guard

It is every person’s nightmare to be involved in an accident where they hit a pedestrian with their vehicle and end up killing them. Nobody wants to be the defendant in a wrongful death case, especially not a young person who has their whole life ahead of them.

The sad part is that it does happen and that young people are sometimes unfortunately not experienced enough to be successful drivers. It seems like in a person’s lifetime, they tend to have the most motor vehicle accidents when they are younger due to lack of experience and common distractions like music or having friends in the car.

It was reported on the Accident Data Center website that earlier this week, on Wednesday morning, a crossing guard was hit while in a crosswalk in Lakeland and taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center in critical condition. Pedestrian accident fatalities are unfortunately very common and luckily this specific accident only resulted in serious injuries.

Supervised teen driving is highly suggested. Brooks Law Group helps people who are involved in pedestrian accidents as well as several other types of accidents where there is an injury or wrongful death. Please be safe on the roads and help is available here if you need it or know anyone who does.

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