More Trucks, More Accidents

Florida’s highways aren’t exactly known for being the safest roads in the United States, but lately, there has been a significant uptick in accidents involving commercial vehicles. Specifically, we’re talking about semi-trucks, as they are most often associated with catastrophic accidents and are feared among many motorists. While there is no single reason for this increase in truck-involved accidents on Central Florida’s roadways, there are several contributing factors that are important to consider.
  • The huge increase in Florida’s population in the last two years which equates to more people on the road each day
  • An expanding workforce in Central Florida and the need for additional commercial vehicles
  • A greater demand (i.e. more people living here) demands more supply, meaning more trucks carrying cargo to our local stores
Each of these factors carries its own unique set of risk factors, but all of them combined are a solid explanation of why we’ve seen truck accidents increase in recent months. Winter Haven drivers don’t have to be afraid to jump on Interstate 4 or Highway 27 though, as long as they keep these important tips in mind:
  • When driving near a semi-truck or large commercial vehicle, stay out of the danger zones! These are areas where you are essentially invisible to the driver thanks to their significant blind spots. If you can’t see their mirrors, they probably can’t see you!
  • If you must pass a commercial truck, do so safely, but quickly. Driving alongside a truck for a long period of time is just asking for trouble, as they might not see you before they change lanes.
  • Keep at a safe distance. Don’t quickly cut in front of a semi-truck as their brake times are much longer than yours, and never tailgate one of these monstrous trucks. You can’t see what’s on the road ahead, and if they make a sudden stop, you could end up underneath the back wheels.
We all know accidents happen, so why we hope these tips will protect our fellow Florida drivers while they’re navigating the roads among these commercial vehicles, we also know collisions and injuries are inevitable. If you find yourself facing the ramifications of an accident with a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, make your first task to call Brooks Law Group. Our team is experienced in handling cases involving these large work vehicles, and we’re committed to helping victims just like you get the justice they deserve and the compensation they need to heal. Call us for your FREE, no-obligation consultation. When accidents happen, Winter Haven drivers Look to Brooks!
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