Fifth Fatal “Wrong-Way Crash” Since February on Tampa Highways

Recently, reported that a young woman, Jessica Mahn, 25, was killed in an accident last week where she was driving the wrong way on I-75 in Tampa. She was going northbound in the southbound lanes and hit a tractor trailer. It is suspected that alcohol may have been involved. The accident occurred in the very early hours of the morning and Jessica Mahn was reported dead at 6:13 am after being air-lifted to Bayonet Point Hospital in Hudson.

This accident has been reported as the 5th death caused by wrong-way driving on Tampa Bay interstates since February this year! Since the amount of crashes like this are unreasonably high, this has caused the Department of Transportation to start projects to help reduce the risk of these accidents occurring. These upcoming efforts will include LED lights that flash, larger signs (these signs will be mounted at a lower level), and pavement markings.

This accident may bring up a question in many:

If alcohol was not involved or at the limit for intoxication, is this considered a wrongful death case?

It seems to be quite the concern that there have been 5 deaths in the last 8 months as a result of a person driving on the wrong side of the road. Was there enough light or signage provided to see properly at night? Who would be at fault if there wasn’t enough light to see?

The answers to that are based upon a few things. For example, one of those things could be whether or not the original road plans for lighting were adequate or not and if the original plans were adequate, were the wrong bulbs used? Also, even if the wrong bulbs were used, was there comparative negligence on the part of the driver or truck driver? Did the truck stop when realizing that a car was heading its way? Did the car try to avoid the truck?

As you can see, wrongful death claims, or potential ones (especially like this one) are very difficult to prove negligence and liability and require a lot of detailed research and experience. If you believe a loved one was killed as a result of the negligence, call a firm you trust who has experience with these types of cases. Call the Brooks Law Group – we will give you a free consultation to investigate your potential case.

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