Famous Comedian Tracy Morgan Injured and Jimmy Mack Killed in Serious Semi-Truck Accident

As reported on CNN.com, there was an accident last weekend that occurred on the New Jersey turnpike where Tracy Morgan along with another famous comedian, were hit in their limo bus by a tractor-trailer truck driven by Kevin Roper, who was alleged to have been driving for a straight 24 hours. He is employed as a truck driver for Walmart and was driving for them at the time. Roper was charged with vehicular homicide and assault.

This was a tragic accident that caused Tracy Morgan to suffer from several injuries such as a broken leg, a broken femur, broken ribs, and a broken nose. Unfortunately, the crash killed comedian James McNair, also known as “Jimmy Mack.”

The case is under investigation as there were other vehicles involved in the accident and it is unknown as to whether or not alcohol was involved.

Personal injury attorneys are in place to protect the victims of truck accidents and wrongful death and to gather all of the evidence from accidents like this to prove who is liable. We have represented many clients with similar cases like this one where semi-trucks are involved and people are seriously injured and/or killed. Again, we urge you to be extra careful on the roads – especially during the late night hours. You can never trust what the other driver is going to do.

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