Empowered: Celebrating International Women’s Day Every Day

March 8th marked International Women’s Day, but at Brooks Law Group, we believe women should be celebrated every day. We are proud supporters of equality for all citizens, regardless of gender, race, or identity, and strive to make sure each victim who comes to us for help feels confident that we will keep their best interest as our top priority. As International Women’s Day has been a leading topic of the last week, we thought this was a great time to let you know a little bit of history about the day, and how it has impacted life in the United States, and around the world, today.
International Women’s Day began as far back as the early 1900s, when oppression and the lack of equality facing women was sparking outcry. Campaigning for change began at this time, but in 1908 it came to a head when 15,000 women took New York City’s streets to bring awareness to the issue and make the push for increased pay and better working hours, and the right to vote in the US. The following year, in 1909, the Socialist Party of America established the last Sunday of February as International Women’s Day. The trend spread around the world, sparking similar recognition of International Women’s Day in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland by 1911. The celebration was moved to March 8th in the period leading up to World War I, and the movement had now spread to Russia as well. By 1975, International Women’s Day was finally marked by The United Nations and has continued to grow since then. Countries around the world continue to celebrate this important day, making sure the women in their communities feel seen, heard, and valued.
Here in the United States, recent years have brought countless women impacting the world of law, medicine, education, politics, construction and engineering, technology, and every other facet of society. We’ve even seen our first female vice president make history when she was inaugurated! At Brooks Law Group, we believe women can do, and be, anything. We’re honored to have many amazing women on our team, helping us better serve our Winter Haven community with quality legal services.
Let’s all make every day Women’s Day by letting the women in our lives know how much they matter, are appreciated, and are unstoppable.
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