Do You Suspect Cemetery Abuse? Let Us Help!

A cemetery symbolizes the final resting place of loved ones and a place for friends and family to visit their deceased loved ones. However, when this place of rest becomes a place of havoc and destruction due to abuse, there is a problem. Cemetery abuse is a pervasive issue that leaves families and friends upset and hurt. Understanding what constitutes cemetery abuse is the first step in spotting an incident when it occurs.

What is Cemetery Abuse?

Cemetery abuse includes:

  • Misplacing bodies
  • Placing/moving bodies without permission
  • Losing remains of the deceased
  • Unmaintained graves
  • Separating partners (husband and wife)
  • Removing parts of a tomb or monument
  • Disturbing the contents of grave or tomb
  • Overcharging for services
  • Vandalized graves
  • Vandalized/broken headstones
  • And many more

What Should you do?

If you believe a loved one’s grave or cemetery has been abused, contact the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and file a complaint. Additionally, you should hire Brooks Law Group. We are a group of experienced attorneys who will fight for your loved one’s rights. Our attorneys have years of education and experience to represent you in the best way possible. Please call us at 1-800-LAW-3030 (1-800-529-3030) or visit our website to file a free case evaluation.

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