A Shout Out to Manager, Deric Feacher in Winter Haven City

So, I googled leadership attributes and kept seeing recurring themes; integrity, honesty, optimistic, inspirational, supportive & communicative.

Having interacted with our current city manager on many levels, I have had a chance to see him on the job, in the community and at his Church. It is a rare thing in life when you cross paths with someone who seemingly has it all. I am not referring to material possessions when I say that. I am referring to someone having each and every character asset you might attribute to a “textbook” leader.

Many leaders have most of the attributes mentioned above, but rarely does an individual have them all. Deric Feacher is that rare person. He is embedded in this community. He connects with and relates to people from all backgrounds. He is an articulate speaker and communicator who always imparts an inspirational, positive message. He is one of the biggest cheerleaders Winter Haven could ever hope for. He grows and learns from his mistakes and is always looking to improve and better himself.

Integrity and honesty are Deric’s hallmark; the two most important attributes of leadership. He walks his truth and is not afraid to live out his faith. We have a special individual leading our city. Occasionally, when someone in your midst is this special, you don’t always recognize that they are truly a special talent. This reminds me of the Atlanta Falcons back in 1991 when they drafted a young Brett Favre. Not realizing the talent they had right under their noses, the Falcons traded Farve to the Green Bay Packers the following year…the rest is history. Deric Feacher will only get better and better over time. With integrity and honesty as the base and then blending in all his other leadership attributes it would be impossible for Deric to not get better. We have some smart and insightful city commissioners who I am sure will not make the same mistake the Atlanta Falcons made back in 1992.

Stephen K. Brooks

Brooks Law Group

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